fredag, mai 24, 2013

"Glimpses of Comfort" out now

We are really happy to announce this little book of short comics by Ella Gall and Kostja Ribnik. You can download DRM free PDF version (or donate if you want €1 to Kostja Ribnik (artist) on

Download or read online "Glimpses of Comfort" on Internet archive.

If you’d like a hard copy of this book, please contact us for availability and shipping total or multiple order discount.

58 page, A5, B&W (color cover), staple bound.

This book will be available soon in some comic book stores in Bosnia Herzegovina, USA and Norway.

“...this comic book does not, as it might seem, glorify the autistic
sensibility or the ultimate adequacy of the cognitive interiority, but
it offers a critique of the dominant forms of emancipation in
modern liberal democracy.”
- Excerpt from afterword by Šefik Tatlić

“Haunting tales from the depths of the foggy Sarajevo underground.
Lonely bottle collectors, noiselife, winther, weltschmerz and strangely
familiar weirdness.”
- Andreas Brandal, Stripnjak editor