mandag, januar 12, 2015

Plans & news for 2015

After small summer/fall ball rampampampam break we are back to our little Stripnjak project. We are preparing some new releases and finally our #1 Stripnjak Zine. Stay tuned.


Temporary we are open for minicomics and short comics (for the zine) submissions. 

For both we are looking for original, out of any scene comics, abstract comics or any weird narrative graphics. Nudity or "provocative" stuff are welcomed as long as they are not hate propaganda.

Our minicomics are in A5 format, B&W, color cover, between 10 - 30 pages.

Our zine is under construction. Deadline is more or less around end of February 2015. You can submit short comics between 2 - 8 pages B&W (complete story). It will be A5 format in Bosnian (or Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrin) language. You can submit it in your local language (if you don't use any of mentioned) and our team will translate it and depending on your choice, will be digital or hand lettered by us or you.
Please contact us for more details before any submissions.