torsdag, mai 14, 2015

New in: STRUCTURE by Andreas Brandal

Andreas Brandal returns with his visual noise/collages and drawings in this special mini Stripnjak print-only edition. This is beautiful and wordless hand-made (than scanned) piece of structures, strange torn images,weird halftones, messy drawings, paper-noise and unexplainable slices of reality.
Brandal, known mostly around Harsh Noise scenes with his amazing brutal sound creativity and atmospheric graphics for his noise records but also tape/CD covers for other noise artists like Werewolf Jerusalem (USA) and Government Alpha (Japan).
20 full-color pages + full-color cover and title/info pages printed on tracing paper for extra nice transparent charm.
You can find more stuff by Andreas on his page:

Stripnjak minicomic #5 
extra limited edition of 20 printed copies
A5, 20 full color pages, staple bound

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