Briefly about this project and current open calls

Stripnjak is an independent small-press project dedicated to visual perversions; a merciless and brutal, yet honest presentation of empty truths easily swallowed by the sheer ignorance of modern life, the obvious surrealism embracing our daily surroundings, and various other general weirdness.

Our headquarters are in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Bergen (Norway).

Stripnjak will focus on four graphic/comics actions:

graphic books (graphic albums, strip collections and illustration/art books)
minicomics & zines (comics/graphic zines and mini-comics)
stripe zvukan edition (comics & sound multimedia releases)
exhibitions (comics and graphic narrative art and abstract comics, zine promotions and occasionally sound shows)

Stripnjak Comics editorial board:
Andreas Brandal (winter director/noise supervisor) www.andreasbrandal.com
Kostja Ribnik (summer manager/Stripnjak Zine editor) www.kostjaribnik.com

Contact for submissions & art/comics related things: stripnjak@gmail.com
(Updated: April, 2023.) Temporary we are closed for submissions due to personal art projects and (mostly) vacation :)

Stripnjak Comics spokesman:
Neven Misaljević (PR, graphic designer, chef, drink and food supplier, dealing with print and postal services and finance). Contact him for purchase questions, exhibitions, workshops and media related things: smrznik@gmail.com

Generally we are looking for original, out of any scene comics, abstract comics, poetry comics or any weird narrative graphics. Nudity, sex or "provocative" stuff are welcomed as long as they are not banal hate propaganda.

Previous submission entries:

Our #4 zine is under construction! Deadline is - May 1 2017
You can submit short comics between 4 - 8 pages B&W/grayscale (complete story unpublished in Slovenian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian or Montenegrin language).
The format of the zine is A5 (148mm X 210mm) you can send any format that can be scaled nicely to A5 without loosing visibility of words, your artwork and such.

Language of publication: Bosnian (and Serbian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian and Montenegrin) language. 
You can submit your comics (if you don't use any of mentioned) in: English, Norwegian, German, French or Italian (or translated in one of before mentioned).
Our team will translate it specially for the zine publication.
Than it will be digital or hand lettered by us or you (your choice!).

We can not pay to contributors but they will receive two artist copies.
Feel free to contact us for more details.

                                                                 Sometimes you can...