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Stripe Zvukan

Welcome to Stripe Zvukan edition. This is Stripnjak special edition for publishing audio/comic releases.
What Stripe Zvukan means?
Well, in tradition of our other label names (like Stripnjak and Zvukovina) it is made up "name and surname" made with words "strip" or comic and word "zvuk" meaning sound. So, in Bosnian (and other south Slavish languages) this sounds like a funny name and surname. Something like Comixius Sounders or Comichael Soundstein. You get the point!

Stripe Zvukan edition #01 (free digital edition only)

Third I/D.K.R. Toliko vas je - strip/split singl


Audio (player is under the comic pages):
01: Third I- Susreti sa sobom
02: David Konstantin Ribnikowski - Memoari

"So Many" aka "Toliko vas je"
Serbian (in color) and English (B&W)
Text by Nenad Popović
Art by Kostja Ribnik

Free download of full release with hi-res comics page from Internet Archive.

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